Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Memorial Day and Veterans Day are my two favorite holidays, holidays that I have always pretty much enjoyed alone. My wife and the girls favorites are Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, Halloween, etc.

These two holidays are my favorites, because twice a year I could sit back and reflect on how grateful I am for all of the freedoms we have in this country that we take for granted. I also like to think about all of the men and women that have at one point in their lives donned fatigues and served this great country. I don't think as Americans we are able to grasp what a sacrifice it is to be in the military, unless you have actually served yourself. I am very grateful that I was able to be in the Air Force for four years.

Linda always understood my deep devotion to those that served our country. To some, me celebrating these two holidays as hollowed days may seem strange. My Linda knew me so well and always supported me and encouraged me in my beliefs.

So today is a little different on Memorial Day. I will go to a service at Oak Hill Cemetery to Honor our soldiers that have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. I will also be honoring my beautiful wife, and cherishing the love that she lavished on me these last ten years.

Please pray for our soldiers still in harms way overseas.