Saturday, November 3, 2007

Why am I

so lonely? I thought I might enjoy some time at home, with nothing to do. But it is lonely. Everybody works. I don't know anyone who is home during the day. I go online and send a few emails, check a few websites, but everyone is working, and I hate to send too many emails, but there is nothing else for me to do. I have no interaction with anyone all day. Well, Sab does call me at home several times a day. But he has to work too. And he works weekends. And all of my friends have kids. So even on weekends they are busy. Reanna is at school during the day, and hangs out with Ben after school. She is a teenager, that is what she is supposed to do. Then she goes to her dads on weekends. Normally I work all week, and I love my free time on weekends, but now it seems to be even lonelier. I have started reading, but you can only read so much. I could scrapbook, but that takes so much time & energy. I have the time, but not the energy. Plus it makes such a mess :) Like I care about that?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
I just wanted to let you know that I live in Gilroy so I'm not far from you. I work from home so I'm home all day. Right now I'm recovering from a broken ankle and I'm just now beginning to drive again and get out and about. If you need someone to talk or vent to about MM just let me know. You're not alone. Wishing you the best.