Saturday, May 10, 2008

2 More Doctor Visits

On Monday I had to go visit Dr. Kutner to get my stitches removed, and my drain tube. YEAH! I was so excited that I could shower again. Since I could not drive because I was still on pain meds, my mom took me to my appointment. It was very painful getting in/out of the car and walking, but I managed. Dr. Kutner is always very very nice. But this time she did not answer my questions as much as she normally does. It seemed as if she knew the answers, but she kept referring me back to Dr. Godfrey, who I had not seen yet. So she removed my tube, and all of my sutures. I asked her how many stitches there were (I'm just nosey) and she just said, "It's one long one." Thanks Dr. Kutner. Anyway, the first few pinched a bit, but after that, no problem. She told me I must be numb still if I didn't flinch, etc. I thought that too, because when she removed the stitches from my 1st surgery, it was pure & utter pain. PAIN. Oh yeah, I think it helped that I took a Percocet before I left the house. There is still a huge hole where the drain tube was removed. Much bigger than last time. So now I'm just waiting to hear from Dr. Godfrey. I'm really curious about the local chemo he is to do.

Waiting for info from Dr. Godfrey. By the end of the day, no phone call. So I called his office myself to schedule an appointment with him. It's Tuesday @ 11:30am.

So my mom & Reanna go with me to Dr. Godfrey's office in Fremont. So I go to sign in, and the lady asks me if I have a question. I thought, question - no, appointment - yes. So I give her my Kaiser card, and she tells me he is in Hayward today. Oh no, that is like 15-25 minutes away! So she calls Hayward to tell them we are on the way. So my mom hurries and gets the car (it still took 15 minutes for that - parking was awful) and we rush over there. We checked in a 12:00. Great, his lunch time. So when he got to the room he was not as happy as the first time I saw him. I think I was using his lunch hour! Oops. Anyway, he was still very nice to say the least. I really like thim. I was really worried because the night before I was reading and what local chemo was. I got really scared because it seemed so intrusive. So I ask him, and it's no where near what I thought it was. Woo Hoo. It's still chemo, but I though that they were going to cut more off of my leg, do skin grafts, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Luckily not. Yeah. They are just going to insert the chemo on my leg, and not through my whole blood stream. They are going to do this in about 3 weeks. Cool. So I think I might go back to work for a while because I'm tired of being home all the time. I just hope I have some energy for that!

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