Friday, May 2, 2008

The Next Step

I'm recovering from my surgery pretty good. I'm up and around the house, but still having others do little things for me. Things that seem little, are really big. So thanks to all those who have helped me.

I went to the CTC (Cancer Treatment Center) today and met with Dr. Benjamin Fisch. I really like him. Sebastian came with me to my appt. It is where I will do the radiation treatments. I'll be doing around 25 treatments. He said between 20 - 30, but it looks like 25 will be the magic number. I didn't realize how many appts it takes to get ready for radiation, there are about 4 more pre-appointments.

I thought I was only going to have to do radiation. Nope. I'll be going back to Dr. Godfrey and I'll be doing chemo before I start radiation. So even though I started the radiation process, that will be put on hold until I'm done with the chemo. I have no idea how long that will take, but the Drs already know how hard of a time I had with Interferon, so they are going to probably do the least as possible with the best effect.

The reason for the chemo is that the pathology report came back positive for cancer. As much as tissue that Dr Kutner removed, she was not able to get it all. :(

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Petra said...


I'm so, so sorry. Tears are streaming down my face after reading this post. I'd love to have some comforting words for you, but melanoma absolutely SUCKS, and it seems it does whatever the hell it wants whenever the hell it wants, no matter how many times we cut it or blast it. However, I will say that I pray the chemo and radiation do their jobs and you're back in remission in no time.