Saturday, May 17, 2008

Healing is Key

I'm healing right now. I think I like this process :) It's getting better day by day. I just went back to work part-time, and it feels so good to get out of the house. But of course everything happens at once. So now that I'm back to work, there are tons of errands to be done, and it's hard to do it all! Slowly but surely things are getting done though. Today Reanna & I spent almost 4 hours at the Passport office today. I knew we should get there early, but we got there late. It opened at 9am, and we got there around 9:15. The office was already packed - we pulled number 74, and they were on #48 when we got there. I thought DMV was slow. Anyway, we got out of there at 1:05pm, and then we had to run home to get her clothes for work, then I had to run and take her to work. Whew, we barely made it! Luckily she has 10 more years before it has to be renewed again!

I got a message last week, and my local chemo will be on Friday. I guess I'll have a nice Memorial Day weekend. Much different than last years that's for sure. Yep, last year Reanna & I went with Claudia & Germ to the Sacramento River and we just kicked back and relaxed while riding a raft down the river. In the sun all day (with sunscreen, although this was pre-melanoma). Guess I won't be doing that this year.

I watched Sicko last week, and it was pretty interesting. I'm lucky that we have good health care, but it's amazing what some Americans have to endure and what neglect they receive because they are not insured. I saw where one guy (I think he was in France?) took an extra 3 months off, with 100% of his pay, before returning to work to heal. After that, I kinda thought - should I have done that too? I feel like I'm healing pretty well, but am I over-doing it by going back so soon? It's not that we need the money (although it helps). I guess if I feel like I'm over-exerting myself, I'll stop going in, but for now part time is o.k.

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Jane said...

Be strong Linda, iwas reading your blogs. i can only relate as a caretaker. My husband too has melanoma. He is suffering now as it has moved to his brain. I pray for you to beat this and the treatments work! Stay strong you can really get beat down by this disease.. DONT LET IT GET TO YOU.. I am thinking about you as well as the other melanoma survivors.. Take care