Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Linda was laid to rest yesterday. Everything turned out beautifully. Linda's spirit was present and gave us the strength to get through the day.

The service Friday night was informal. Pastor Greenlee started out with a few words of encouragement. His daughter Stephanie then sang Amazing Grace and moved everyone to tears, it was so beautiful. I then spoke and few words and then invited anyone in the audience to share any special stories or memories of Linda. I was so encouraged while looking out into the audience, the chapel was packed. I know Linda was smiling down and encouraged as well. Several people shared touching memories about Linda. I then spoke again about Linda's great faith and what a loving wife she was. My co-worker and friend Terry Foskey then finished the evening with final words of encouragement and a prayer.

The Saturday service and burial was more formal, but just as beautiful. The pastor gave a beautiful sermon and then invited the immediate family to say any closing remarks. Linda's sister Lisa and mother Teresa said a few words from the heart. I then spoke about what a wonderful mother Linda has been to Reanna and how proud Linda and I are of her.

Linda's cousins Michael, Frank, and Brian were Pallbearers along with myself and my friend Joe. Linda's nephew Michael rounded out the team because I know he will always have a special place in his auntie Linda's heart. I also chose her nephew because he is a true American hero that has given so much to this great country while serving in the military.

We then escorted Linda to her final resting place. Her plot was a final gift to Linda from my stepfather Tony. He loved Linda tremendously and lavished many gifts on her while she was living. The pastor said final words and then Linda's sister Anna's friend Anthony sang two beautiful songs. We lowered my Linda to rest.

After the services we went to the Los Gatos Hills for a gathering/celebration to honor Linda's memory. The beautiful house was provided by Reanna's aunt Reyna and her husband Jay. Everything was so peaceful and the scenery was majestic. I lost my breath when I first walked into their backyard and beheld the splendor of the view. I know my Linda was smiling down on us, and me in particular because I stress so much, and she was once again letting me know that everything was alright, that I did not have to stress at all, because God and her were going to make sure that every detail was perfect. And it was.


Anonymous said...

She would of been so proud of you. We are. You did a beautiful job. No detail was left undone. The service was a testimony to how very much my sister was loved.With much love, we thank you,Maria

Patrice said...

What beautiful ways you honored Linda and the love you all shared.
You definately made her proud.
I thank you for sharing with those of us who couldn't be there in person.
I keep you all in my heart & prayers,

Linda Applebaum said...

Everything was perfect and I know Linda was with us, I could feel that beautiful presence. As they were lowering her the sky opened up and the sun shined right down on all of us it was amazing. The get together afterwards was beautiful and the love in that place was incredible. Sebasatian you have made her proud like you have everyday of her Married life. We love you and Reanna and we are always here for you both..
Linda and Joe

Robin Strumlauf said...

Sabastian - what a beautiful post. I so wish I could have been there to honor Linda with you and everyone. So you know, Linda will ALWAYS be in my heart. Continued prayers and love sent your way to keep you strong.

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing person, Sebastian.
Simply amazing! No one, especially you and Reanna, deserves to feel this kind of sadness. You are both in my thoughts and prayers everyday.
Louise (Missing my Thelma)

TEAM HOGAN said...


I would like to introduce you to a website that has helped me deal with my husband's death more than ANY friend, family member or counselor.

its called the Young Widow's Bulletin Board

Please PLEASE promise me you'll go on there and at least read what others are going thru.

It will help. I promise.

Anna Hogan