Saturday, March 21, 2009

A week without Linda

It has been one week since our beloved Linda was laid to rest. Even now at times it does not feel real. I think that this is just a bad dream, and that when I wake up she will be back with us. But I know in my heart that she is gone, and that is when the pain and loneliness sets in.

I try and keep busy and stay focused on being strong for Reanna and Paige. I draw my strength from my family and friends. They have helped me all along, especially this past week. I am trying to be more active in the girls lives, and be the parent that Linda always tried to help me become.

Reanna is a very strong girl, just like her mother. She appears to be alright and also tries to stay busy. She spends time with her boyfriend Ben and also with her little sisters. I know that she will be starting work sometime soon at Great America. Please continue to pray for her.

Two days ago Reanna and I started going through Linda's belongings in our room. Linda wanted Reanna to have any of her personal property that she wanted. Reanna was unable to find a replica Tiffany necklace that she had given Linda as a gift. The last time any of us had seen it was a few weeks ago near our television in the room. She looked and looked and was unable to find it. She did not tell me, but I know she was very upset. I told her I would continue to look around in my drawers, hoping to find it. She said that she would continue to look in her room. I just hope that while Linda was conscious, she told a friend or family member visiting to put it in a safe place in our room, and that I will be able to locate it and give it to Reanna.

Life is not the same without Linda. We miss her so much.


David Gutierrez said...

My heart goes out to all the family.
I am deeply sorry for both Sebastian and Reanna. You both dont know me or maybe even about me. I meet Linda and Barbara a long time ago 1996. Then we became friends after that. We had both worked in fremont, she was working for BeeLine. I worked right next door at Umax.

She had her Toyota Paseo XXXLINDA
was on the plate. I remember.

Wow, I cannot believe that Linda has died. I am sorry that i never got a chance to say good bye. Linda was an old friend of mine and i am going to also miss her.

I had lost contact with her about 1998. She was a very good person and had a very distinctive voice.
This is a real shock to me.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sabastian, Not a day goes by that you and Reanna are not in my thoughts and prayers.I know that things must be very hard for you right now. I hope you have a lot of close friends and family taking good care of you.I will keep you in my prayers,Love,Maria

Anonymous said...

Sebastian, please do me a favor and pass my number along to Reanna. I wanted to tell her something and ask a favor of her.

I am glad to see you are still blogging. Linda is proud of you. I just know it!!!
Joanne Pang

Robin Strumlauf said...

Sabastian - I check in here a few times a week and I'm so glad you have written. I hope you know we are still here for you as we were for Linda. Write anytime. Hugs to you and Reanna.

Anonymous said...


I am so glad that you continue to blog I know that is what Linda hoped you would do. Having worked with her a number of years I can see in my minds eye her reaction.
" Oooh my Sabastian is so smart he is just blogging away." Her eyes all twinkly and that great smile of hers, it was always like that when she talked about you. Linda's love for you and her family was always put in the forefront. It was always " Sabastian this and Sabastian that.... Sabastian would love this or Hmmmm I dont think Sabastian would like that."
Those that were close with her were always well aware of the days you worked or what days you were off as Linda planned her time around that.I could just see her bragging on you and your progress on the computer. My memories of Linda cannot be teased away from you and the girls as she talked of you all constantly. A wonderful mother and a devoted wife full of love for her entire family but very focused on her Husband and daughters, as she considered both girls her daughters. Its very hard to accept that Linda is gone but in a way when you continue contact with all of us through "Linda's Melanoma Journey " she is still here with us in spirit as she created this blog for a purpose of the moment but knew that at some point she would hand it over to you to continue and here you are..... doing a great job.
Linda was very wise in her purpose of this blog. Yes it provided information but it now provides a means to continue contact to provide needed comfort and sharing of memories.

You are in many many thoughts and prayers.

Catherine said...

I think about you and your family a lot. You are all in my prayers. Even though I never met Linda and all I did was read her blog all the way from Chicago, I could feel Linda's light and I am grateful to her for her determination and willingness to share herself with all of us out there. She shared a beauty and a dignity all the way.

I wish I could offer words of comfort, but honestly I cannot. It's wrong that she should be taken from you when she was so determined to stay with you. So I am just praying for you and your daughters and I wish comfort for you.


Anonymous said...

Sept 20th 1972- this the day linda came into this world, it was the happiest day in our immediate familys life, we came to a new city, our parents purchased their fist home in San Jose, linda brought joy and laughter to all of us, its still hard to realize she is gone, she was always so happy, her passing us left a big empty space in all of us, we all keep asking why her, and there is no good answer. we are so lucky that she touched each of our lives, and lives inside all of us every day.