Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bark in the Park

Today was the annual Bark in the Park event held at a park at the corner of 16th & Williams. I really needed to get out and do something, as most of my weekends I have been home alone. I was glad that Sophia wanted to go, it got me out of the house. I left later than I wanted. I had to straighten up a bit, because Barbara came over to stay the night. So I had to wash the sheets, etc and make sure everything was nice & clean :) After that I dropped off Reanna at her dad's house, and went to the park. I was really dreading all the walking, and earlier in the morning I finally took off the remaining surgical tape Dr. Kutner put on last week after she ripped out my stitches! Now all that is left is a scar about 3 inches long going the length of my knee. But do I care. No. I actually like it. It is a part of me. A part of my new life. It is a reminder to me to live life - and to love it. I love my scar now - just as I love my life.

I knew I was going to spend most of my day walking, and I knew the parking there would be just horrid, as the park is in the middle of a residential area. So as I drive around and look for parking, I turning at the corner, and what do you know - there is handicapped parking! Woo hoo! I had gone the week before to DMV and got a 6 month placard. Yes, I was excited that I was not going to have to park far. So, right in I go. I wave to the police my placard, he makes me stop and roll down my window. He told me - "That is a hanging placard, hang it!" "OK, thanks officer" was my reply, but wtf? It specifically tells you - DO NOT DRIVE WITH PLACARD HANGING. Hello??? Did I miss something there? I was still DRIVING! Anyway, I park and Peanut & I get out of the car. At first he was scared, but right away he warmed up and he had a great time! Of course, I had no $$ on me. What a LOSER. I had to use my ATM to pay the $5 per dog fee. Shortley after getting there, Lori came up to me. What a surprise that was. I hadn't seen her since ... hmmm... I think it was the baptism for Christine's first baby. And she just had baby #2 - Dillon. Lori even showed me a picture. The proud auntie!

There were so many dogs there. It was really nice. I was glad to get out and do something. Midway through my time there, my knee did start hurting. I thought of bringing my cane, but I did not bring it because I had Peanut, and there was no way I can have my dog and cane at the same time. That would have been too hard. It was hard enough - I'm used to walking him, and stepping over his leash, etc. Today I had to keep turning around, etc because I can't bend my leg enough to step over it. I managed. I really want my knee to heal faster, so that when I have my next surgery, it will be easier. Sophia got there and she was so kind to buy some food tickets and got me some food! I got a snack first - ha ha. That's me! I still haven't changed. La Fondue was there, so I had chocolate covered strawberries. Yummy. By the time I was done, she was at the front of the line for food, so I got a pork pot sticker. I gave Peanut some, and he didn't eat it! Now that is a shocker. He eats everything. But it was funny watching him try to bury it! It got a bit windy, and I had a tank top on, so it was time to go. Later Sebastian got mad at me because the Dr. told me to avoid the sun. I wore sunscreen, but I don't remember her saying that to me. But then again, I have been to so many appointments, sometimes everything just runs together. Hence me blogging now. It's easier to do it while it is fresh on my mind. After Bark in the Park, I went to Selina's to pick up mine & Sophia's candles, then home to nap. I was tired. What a day out does to me!

When Sebastian got home, we just went and ate Taco Bell and then ran a few errands. I knew Barbara was coming over, and she had the key, but she was in front! She said the key wasn't working? We tried it, and it worked fine? I felt bad, she was out there for about 30 minutes! Oops. That'll teach me! Anyway, I showed her our new cars (well, we've had them, but she hadn't seen them yet) and she loved them. She said Sebastian should enter his car in car shows. He really isn't into that, but I think he should too. But then again, if he does, he may see something someone else has done, and there we go. Spending $$ on fixing up cars that are already nice. We do not have the kind of $$ it takes to make your car "better than the others out there." I just want him to enjoy it, which he does.

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