Friday, September 14, 2007

Leg Sock

So today I had an appointment to get a leg sock for after surgery. I will have to wear it for about 6 months to prevent my leg from swelling, and lymphedema. After they remove the lypmh nodes, I guess your leg can swell up. I can take the sock of to shower, etc, but for the most part, I will have to wear it all the time. Luckily I get two, one to wear, one to wash. So I picked one beige & one black. Since they didn't have my size already made, they had to measure me and they will be special made. I hope they are done by the time I have my surgery. After the appt, I met Kimberly at Valley Fair and we did a little shopping :-) I just bought a pair of pants & shorts to wear after surgery.

I also got an email back from Dr. Kutner. I asked her to move up the surgery date so that I can start my CASDI in Sept, instead of Oct. If I do that, I can get a lot more $$ per week. Hopefully she can find a cancellation in her schedule so that I can move it up! I hope I get a call from her on Monday!

Dinner was nice. I went to Fresh Choice with Reanna & Sebastian. It was very relaxing, and the place was not a madhouse! Sometimes it is pure chaos there - but tonight was really good. Then of course Reanna got a text from Heather & Justine. So she is out tonight, Friday, hanging out with them. I love it when my daughter is hanging out with friends. I like for her to be out with her friends, and sometimes I feel I push her to go out, and she doesn't want to because that is not her. (I have not done that in a long time!!!) I do love her for who she is, I just don't want her to miss out on doing fun things. I have learned to let her be her, and love her they way she is. I just got excited that she actually went out tonight. Normally she'll just pass. I hope she has a fun time and stays safe!

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