Thursday, September 20, 2007

It's My Birthday!

So today is my birthday. Yep, I'm a ripe old 35 years. I can't believe that I'm in my mid 30's. I'm not ready to be that old yet! Ok, so I'm not. I'm not. I'm not. I will be forever young. I refuse to get old.

So this week my surgery was moved up to Oct. 2nd. I called and tried to have it moved up to September, but Dr. Kutner was booked. And tomorrow is already my pre-op appointment. Wow, time is going by so fast. And I've got so much to do at work, I don't know if I'll be ready in time.

Yesterday I woke up to the most horrible allergies. I almost forgot what they were like. Yep, now I remember, just AWFUL. I went home from work early, took some Benadryl and just rested. I tried to sleep, but I couldn't. Can you believe that I didn't even eat dinner. I don't remember the last time I did that. Something must've been seriously wrong. So before bed I took another Benadryl, and I did sleep a bit better.

Since today is my birthday, of course friends & family call! I was shocked though, there were a few people who didn't even contact me. I know that there have been times where I didn't call, but I know I had a card in the mail. Oh well. I know that people are busy, and have their own lives to deal with, and I'm sure they don't around thinking of me all day, although it would be nice if they did :) Sophia took me out to lunch - we went to Chili's. Yum Yum. I had some Chicken something... and it was good. I really liked it. Then my mom called while at work. Oh yeah, the greatest husband, he left me flowers in a vase on the kitchen table with 2 cards. One from our dogs - it is the cutest thing - there is a picture of a boxer laying on a couch, and inside he wrote, "We promise not to get on your couches for your birthday" and he gave me another card promising me to take me shopping in SF this weekend. I like shopping, but he gets impatient. So it's a good/bad thing. If he goes, he will buy me nice things, but I have to hurry. If it's just me, he get's made if I spend to much, but I can take my time! So it's a double edged sword. I guess it's better if he takes me, guess then I don't get in trouble for spending too much $$. So before he left for work today, he gave me a kiss (he does every morning before he leaves) and told me happy birthday. When I woke up Reanna, she told me happy birthday too! I love her! Then my mom called and told me happy birthday. I chatted with Maria online for a few minutes, and she asked me what day my birthday was on, because she always forgets (she's getting old - ha ha) and she told me happy birthday too. But I was shocked that my dad did not call, and neither did Selina. Reanna was making fun of me saying maybe he'll call & tell me Happy Anniversary because he did call me in Feb. and tell me Happy Birthday on my Anniversary! He also sent me $$... lol... so maybe that is why, I already got my gift in February.

My allergies were not as bad as yesterday, so I didn't cancel dinner. We picked up Paige and went to the Fish Market. We met Lori, Bernie, Irene & Breanna there. The company was great, the food was nothing to brag about. I had heard a lot of good things about it there, and it was nothing to write home about. Well, it could be because of my allergies also. Food is just not the same. After dinner, we came over to our house and had some cake. Yummy. I love cake. I love ice cream too, but we didn't have any. Which is fine, because I'm lactose intolerent. So that just means I'll sleep better tonight.

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Sandy said...

Happy belated birthday! You are still so young! :)

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