Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cirque de Soliel

I have never been to a Cirque de Soleil show, so last year I got tickets for us to go. I was hoping that I would be feeling better by the time it came, and I was. The show was fabulous. I can't believe we have never been! I want to go see all of them now! Mom, guess you'll be seing me soon.... Cuz most of them are in Vegas. I will probably schedule a weekend this summer to go see her. I also want to go see my sis Maria in Indiana. I have not seen her for about 5 years! How time flies. There is no excuse for not going to visit her. We are only getting older, and time is not on our side. I was so happy to see her daughter Christina & Tai last year.

OK, so I'm rambling - Kooza is a must see. The contortionists were fantastic, and a bit freaky. Then there were the acrobats, dancers, gymnasts, etc. I'm sure that some of the dancers were acrobats ect, they probably do several different things, but it was great. I'll definitely go again!

Here's a pic of Sebastian, Paige, Me & Reanna.

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