Thursday, February 21, 2008

No more treatments

I finished up my treatments that were full dose. Wow. I can't believe I got through 20 of those treatments. I then went back to do the low dose at home. I had to wait a while because they had to special order them. The pharmacy did not have any? So when they came, I went to the injection unit so they could show me how to give them to myself. The nurse made me give myself one right then & there. I thought there was no way I could give myself a shot! But she insisted, and as I sat there in front of her and she helped me to poke the needle in (it wasn't very long) I screamed! It did not hurt at all, just a small pinch. But just the thought of me doing it was crazy. Once it was in, she injected the Interferon, and that was it. Done in about a minute.

So I went home, and 2 hours later, it was pure pain. This low dose treatment was far worse than the high dose I had been doing. I thought it would be easier. A few days later, I had Sebastian help me with the shot. I didn't scream this time. And then again, 2 hours later, the pain returned. I thought to myself, I'm done. I did my high dosage treatment for the time I intended. I could not do 11 months of the low dose. My body had been through enough the past few months. So I met with my doctor and told him I was done. He offered to up my pain medication, but by then my mind was already made up. My treatments were over.

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