Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Love Kiehl's

I know all I ever do is say thank you, but there are so many people out there who have helped me lately I can't say it enough.

Anyway, last week when I took Reanna to the mall to get her new Ed Hardy sweatshirt, I stopped by Kiehl's because I needed a new toner. I have been using their Avocado Eye Cream for YEARS, and will not use anything else. And I dabble in the rest of their products when I can, like the Silk Goom cream, when I have hair. It makes my hair look so shiny. The Sales Assitant, Zan, was sooo nice to me. I told her my skin was extremely dry due to chemo, and she helped me get a good toner and then the Creme de Corps lotion w/spf 30. OMG, it's so smooth & silky ~ and it smells good! I love it. I don't know if I can use anything else now. I must say Zan went above and beyond. She was so kind and caring, and geniunely interested in me. Before I left, she went to the back and gave me tons of samples for my newly extra dry skin. I gave her this website before I left, so she can read my story anytime. Well, that night she sent an email that she loved the site, and that she wanted to give me some scalp oil because with chemo comes dry scalp. Right when I read that email, I realized how dry my scalp was. Sometimes it takes someone else to point out your issues! So I sent her my address, and in today's mail came a box with a full size bottle of oil for my dry scalp and two lotions! I can't wait to use the oil on my scalp tonight. Every day it seems to itch more and more. Thanks to the team at Kiehls, Valley Fair ~ Camie, Kathy, Sha & Zan. I will definitely be going there more often! You ladies are the best.

While I'm at it, thanks to Selina & Marissa for cleaning my bathroom for me. If you know me, I'm a product junkie. I try everything. Then I get something new. I have so many products in my bathroom, it has taken over my whole tub. I couldn't even get into my bath. Selina & Marissa came over and got rid of everything that I no longer use, and cleaned my tub & tile area. I can now take a bath, in peace. And Sebastian doesn't get as mad because not as many things are falling when he's using his stuff! Thanks, I owe you too one.

My sister Maria came over and helped me out after my mom left. She was kind enough to even plant a tree in my backyard and got me a new hanging plant that we put in front of our house. Sebastian likes it because he stuck it where we had a longer plant, and you can now see our new mailbox. I think it's a guy thing.

Anna, Felicia & Jasmine helped me a ton with the BBQ. Thanks for helping me set up and clean up, I couldn't do it without the 3 of you. Oh yeah, Lenora too. I look at the picture she drew me before my first chemo visit every day. It's still on my fridge. I owe her some toys. Remind me before she comes next time, because I'm gonna forget!

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