Monday, September 15, 2008

What A Weekend

I think this has been the most horrific weekend by far. I have been in so much pain. I do not know if it's the drugs going through my body fighting the cancer, or if it's the cancer. Whatever it is, it goes down to my bones. I hope this pain goes away soon. Today is a bit better, especially if I'm online!

I forget so much lately. Sometimes I even go through and re-read my blog, and I read stuff like it's the first time. I have no recollection of what I have written. I guess that's a good thing I keep this then.

I do remember that Louise came to visit me in the hospital last time I was there, and I didn't see that in any posts. But much more than that, I don't recall. I'm sorry Louise, I wish I remembered more.

Thanks to Latinas y Amigas for the wonderful food again. We have already enjoyed the muffins from Natalie, Lucy's Famous Angel Hair Spaghetti and MaryAnn's Superb Pork Chops served with Potatoes & Bacon. We will be enjoying the rest soon. It really helps to have a home cooked meal after being away for so long. Hospital food ~ need I say more, and Taco Bell don't cut it after you've been in the hospital for so long. Oh yeah, another story I forgot to tell. The day I was discharged I ate breakfast, and it was ok. Then the lunch, no thanks. So I was just eating a few orange bites from the lunch tray. They didn't settle very well, and so up comes my oranges and breakfast. We are trying to get released asap to get driving home, but the dr was on lunch, etc and so we had to wait until like 2pm before we were finally discharged. I was so hungry, and as we left the hospital I asked Sebastian if I could get Taco Bell. Well, you have to know Sebastian to understand him. He was upset because we were going to get stuck in LA traffic. So I just complained a little that I had nothing in my stomach and that I didn't want to wait 3+ hours to get food. So of course he takes me and we get on the road. About 20 minutes in, I felt nauseous. I didn't want to throw up, as he would get upset (like I said, you have to know him). But it just was not the right thing to eat at the time. Luckily I didn't throw up, but I haven't wanted or craved Taco Bell since that day. I have been wanting home cooked meals, and thanks to you wonderful ladies, I have had them.

This weekend will be my birthday. I guess since Reanna's 18th birthday was in between treatments and we didn't do much, and Sebastians birthday fell on the day we were driving down, it's only fair that my birthday gets sacrificed too. Only I will be in the hospital, and be allowed no phone calls. I do remember they do not allow cell phones! And please, please, please do not disturb the ICU staff by calling. They are busy tending to me and other patients.

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