Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm Home, But Not For Long

I got released from the hospital yesterday, and got home last night. I'm so glad to be home. The week went by so fast, but it's so weird because I had no outside communication. This time I was admitted to ICU starting day 1, and they allow no cell phones in your room. And if you get a phone call, they bring a phone to you to use very briefly. I think I got a message from a nurse that my sister called but I was sleeping. I don't know which sister it is, but I'm sorry I missed your call. I was in ICU because of the side effects. The whole time I was there they had me hooked up to a heart machine, checked my blood pressure every 13 minutes, and were always checking my oxygen levels. While still giving me IV's, infusions, pills, and every else. I had so may wires, plugs, etc if I yawned, they knew about it.

Starting out, they try and get 14 doses of the IL-2. They told me not to worry if I can't to all 14, most people only get 7 - 9 their first time. When all was said and done, I got 10 doses in. Once again, above average :)

The whole time I was there, Reanna stayed in my room with me. Poor thing, she probably got no sleep and what little she did was on this tiny seat that makes into a bed. Luckily, she is small. I would wake her during the night and make her push the nurse button. Between the nurses bugging me, and me bugging them, I don't think she slept. Now that I think about it, I don't think she was there to sleep.

Another good thing about being home ~ no more pill popping. I feel like all day & night I was popping pills. Just to look at them make me want to throw up now. There were a few times in the hospital when I actually did. Then the nurses would look through it to see which ones I was gonna have to take again. Glad that's not my job.

My recovery is not that bad. I don't have much nausea. But my whole body gets really sore. I'm extremely bloated, which they say should last more than a few days. The soreness comes and goes, and Tylenol helps it to go....

I go back next week. I can't believe it's so fast. But yep, next Friday I get to start this all over again. Why did I even leave Riverside this time?


Anonymous said...

HI!! It was me who called,lol!! I just wanted to see how you were doing. I saw what you had posted about being left alone,but......... I am the big sister for a reason and I needed to make sure. I go back to work Sunday. Call if you like. I thought it was you and Sabastin this time. We'll hugs and kisses.Love you, Maria

Maribel said...

We always knew you were tough. Hang in there!


Petra said...

Awesome job being above average! You rock!