Thursday, September 18, 2008

On The Road Again

Sebastian & I are leaving again today to Riverside. I hope that I'm up to it. The ride is not that bad, but I'm afraid of the pain I'm going to be in.

I finally called Robin, Dr Gailani's assistant. I told her that I was in a ton of pain, and asked if this was normal. She said yes, that arthritis is a common side effect of the IL-2. Why do I never know these things ahead of time? Anyway, ten minutes later Sebastian was at the store buying me Tylenol Arthritis, because that is about all I can take (according to Robin). It helps, but just for a few hours.

My best friend Lori will be here watching the house with Reanna. Reanna is not coming with us this time, she has to go to work. I hope that they don't have any incidences like last time I left her. Lori, Reanna & Breanna (Lori's daughter) went to Valley Fair Mall. As they were pulling up, a guy was running out of the mall with a stack full of jeans in his arms. Lori goes "He's stealing!" and says "Come on" and they start following them in the car. She makes Reanna call 911 and give the license plate number, and Reanna & Breanna are scared! Reanna was saying "Lori, what if they shoot us!" And Lori was saying "They won't shoot" etc and kept following. Anyway, I think they finally lost the guys and went back to the mall. Well, the stack of jeans were not cheap. The jeans are about $250 each. Yep. Jeans.

We are still eating the food from Latinas y Amigas. And it's not just us anymore. A few days ago my dad & I had tamales for lunch. There was one left the next day, so Sebastian put it in Paige's lunch. Later that day, everyone was off resting, and Sebastian comes down the hallway asking if I saw the mess and left it? No, if I saw a mess I would have called someone to clean it. What mess??? Paige's backpack was about 4 feet from where she left it, and there was a plastic baggie and shredded corn husk in the hallway. Yep. Peanut ate the tamale. The whole thing. Here he is, returning to the scene of the crime.

Last night Reanna got a cake for my birthday. That was so nice of her! She also got me a gift card to InSpa, where I love to get pedicures & massages. Last week when the arthritis started, I told Sebastian I wanted to get a massage this week before we go back to Riverside. Well, I haven't been up to it, it's been that bad. But now when I get home, I have a gift card to go. Reanna didn't even know I had told Sebastian that. She is the greatest!

Time to go ~ hope you all have a good weekend and I'll be back probably late next week. L~


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda, We just wanted you to know we read your blog and you are in our thoughts. XOXO Love, Ken, Allison, Brooke, Hayden and Reese

Anonymous said...

Hello Linda,
I also read your blog and check in on you - just wanted to say Happy Birthday and enjoy your massage when you get home!
Washington State

Anonymous said...

Hello, Linda ...
Jim and I are reading your blog and want you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. You are a real trooper .... Love, Jim, Marilyn, John and Ben Tietgens.