Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I have been feeling ok, but to be honest the last thing I want to do is be online. I come on for just a few minutes a day to check emails, etc but seriously I have been dreading it. It is just uncomfortable sitting here at my desk typing. I would use my laptop, but it is so slow. Anyway, I ordered a new laptop and it should be here soon. This way I can hopefully update more often, from anywhere in my house.

I have talked to Dr Kwong, and we are still waiting for authorizations from Kaiser, as well as some other stuff from the clinic in LA. I should hear something by Monday or Tuesday of next week.

I have had many visitors, and I thank everyone for stopping by. Roger, Tina & Nidelia came by and gave me some supplements that I have been using everyday. They really have helped with my energy level I have noticed. I'm not running marathons yet, but hopefully by New Years I will be. Then later that night Belinda and her aunt came over. Belinda gave me 2 shirts which I desperately needed. All my clothes are too big and shopping is not fun. The next day my Uncle Ralph came over with Chrissy, and also a surprise visit from my dad! I was so excited to see him. I didn't know he was coming. My mom was kind enough to make lunch for everyone! It was good. On Sunday Reyna stopped by and gave me a candle holder, with a pumpkin spice candle, my favorite for the holidays. And then Anna & Felicia came over with a WHOLE bag of new clothes for me! They went shopping and bought me tons of pants, shirts & tank tops. It was like Christmas. What did I do to deserve that? And then yesterday Rhonda came by and dropped of a ton of red velvet cupcakes. I haven't had time to try them yet, as my appetite is pretty small, but I'm sure they are delicious! And if you stopped by and I forgot to mention it, I'm sorry. Like I always say, I forgot. It happens. A lot.

For Thanksgiving Sebastian & I will be going to my dad's house. Reanna was supposed to join us, but she has tickets to the Sharks game tonight and can't go with us. So my poor baby will be home. I don't know what she is gonna do yet, but hopefully she'll go somewhere. I hate leaving her behind, but I know Anna & Fe are gonna come stay with her tonight, so at least I know she won't be alone.

My mom left home this morning. She won't be here all weekend, so unfortunately I won't be able to have any guests. It's just too much for me without anyone here helping me. So if you'd like to stop by, it will have to be after she returns, on December 2.

Thanks for all of your love and support, HAPPY THANKSGIVING.


Roxanna said...

Hi Linda!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Linda said...

Happy Thanksgiving Linda I hope you have a wonderful day with your dad. Thinking of you and the family everyday..

Love Linda