Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Remember When....

Challenger: My 8th grade history teacher, Ms. Taylor, kept the TV on the Challenger space shuttle all day. We had to watch it over & over. She told us it was going to be a big part of history.

Earthquake: I was working in the mall when the Loma Prieta hit. The walls were shaking, things were falling off the shelves and people were running everywhere. Minutes later the mall closed and it took almost 2 hours to drive 2 miles home. Everyone was safe. This was the biggest earthquake since 1906.

9/11: The radio woke me up to the news that the Twin Towers had been hit by airplanes. I immediately woke up Reanna and told her she had to watch it with me because it was going to be a part of history. We, along with the rest of the country, horrifically watched as the Twin Towers collapsed. America would never be the same.

Election 2008: I was so excited to go vote with my just-registered 18 year old daughter. No matter who won the election, history would be made. Around 7:30 pm we turned the news on so we could watch the progress of the election. At 8pm, they announced the west coast polls were closed. At 8:01 across the screen was a banner that read "OBAMA ELECTED" We were all bursting out of our skin in excitement. We watched both of the candidates speeches, and were truly proud of the outcome. I am truly proud to be an American, and a minority.


Anonymous said...

Mine aren't nearly as exciting:

I was in Elementary school, we were watching when it happened. We watched all day, too.

No earthquakes, but plenty of blizzards!

9/11 We were living in Arizona, and I had the day off. I got up with Bryan early in the morning, then I sat on the couch to watch TV. Bryan had heard it on the radio in his work van and called me to turn on the news. I was glued in front of the TV all day. The Shanksville Pa crash site isn't far from our town here.

Election 2008:
We both TRIED REALLY HARD to stay awake for election results (adjusting to the time change), but fell asleep watching TV in bed. Around 11:30 pm, as I was asleep, I hear McCain's voice, and when I heard him say something to the affect of him being proud to have Obama as his President, I sat straight up in bed lol. I adjusted my eyes and my consciousness to be sure he had won, then I got up to turn off the tv, woke up Bryan to tell him then we had a very peaceful night's sleep ;)


austincortez said...

Hey Linda,

I saw Anna this weekend. She said she was going to see you. Hopefully she remebered to say hi for me.. If not, then hello :) !

I'm glad you liked the rambling. You are and always will represent an important part of my life. I remember going with you to your prom in Pittsburg. You played match maker with me and one of your friends. Thanks for that by the way...hahaha... I remeber your moms mustang. You guys would pick me up and we would go to church or back to Pittsburg. In fact, I think I rode the bart to your funny. Your mom picked me up. Good times.

I want to bring my kids by if you are up to it. E.mail me at, whenever you have a free weekend.

This will not be fluff either. I will show up. I have been working on a house Lisa and I purchased as a fixer upper, to resell. It has spoken for all of my free time the last three months. We plan to place it on the market this weekend. With God's help, I hope we can sell it quickly. Know anyone good real estate pro's in the Alameda county

My prayers are with you Linda. I pray that Stanford can accept you for the trial treatmenst you mentioned earlier. Keep us posted.

Love Always,

your big brother