Thursday, November 6, 2008

No Clinical Trial at Stanford

Sally at Dr Kwong's office called me this morning. My HLA type is not in the criteria for the Stanford clinical trial. So I was not accepted. As far as the next step - Dr Kwong has had his staff send over all of my records to the Stanford oncologists. They are going to review and will hopefully take me as their patient. I do not know when I find out the results to that, but as soon as I know, you'll know!


austincortez said...

Linda Pinda! The infamous! That name will be embedded in my heart forever. I don’t know who provided you with the nickname initially. It was probably my mom. My family has a thing for nicknames. Jr. Boy (Herbert Mattos Jr.) Augie Boy (Augustine Cortez III), Bojeek (? Austin Cortez). I guess they never really like original choice of name…haha.

I remember looking at my Son after I told him that he would have another sibling soon. One of his reactions besides excitement was, I hope it’s a brother. I asked him why and he said that it would not be cool to have another little sister. As a matter of fact he said it would be annoying. I wondered at the moment what it would be like to have a little sister that I grew up with. I have Lanora, but I am an adult now and she is just starting out in this world. That’s a huge difference then lets say Augie and JJ. It wasn’t until your comment on your blog that I realized I have a little sister that I grew up with. We are only separated by 1 year, but it still makes me the oldest of us two…haha. We fought like siblings, we annoyed each other like siblings, we grew up together, and loved one another no different then any brother and sister would. I thank you for loving as a brother. I will always do the same as it relates to you.

I told you earlier that I ramble when I write, so if this jumps all over the place please be patient. I always get the urge to write when my heart is filled with emotion. Heck, just ask Lisa. I wrote a whole bunch of poems and letters when her and I first met. I don’t write as much now, but I still get urge to pen some words. Your illness has weighed heavily on my heart. I have no other avenue but writing that helps me get through times like these. I hope that somehow my writing you brings you some form of comfort. I hope knowing the love I have for you helps you some way as far as comfort is concerned.

I know God’s plan is perfect. It is not for me to question. I won’t follow this statement with a “but,”. I will just say “Lord I ask for strength. Not for me God, but for my loved one who needs it” Lord, provide a comforting hug to my sister, that she may know that you are laying by her side in her times of pain.” “Lord, heal my sister.” “Let her journey be one that ends decades from now.”

I will pray that Stanford Hospital will start a treatment plan for you. The Lord has blessed that University with some of the brightest minds this world has known. I know first hand, while witnessing the treatment they administered to Lisa as it relates to her vision.

Take care, Linda. May God Bless yourself along with your loving family.

Love Always,


Kerri Pierce said...

Hi Linda -

Just wanted to say I read your blog and I wish you luck in your journey with the beast. You really sound like an amazing woman!

Kerri Pierce
Stage IIIa
NED 6/29/07