Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Will I Ever Feel Well?

For the most part I have my good and bad days. But it seems that lately I've been having more bad days. I rarely leave my house and I'm still in pain. Just yesterday my left leg started hurting really bad. I've just been taking the usual, Tylenol, and it hasn't been enough. So I started taking the stronger medicine, Dilaudid, and it just helps a little. It makes me feel more drowsy and lessens the pain a little, but it doesn't completely go away. I am glad though that so far it does not make me feel nauseous.

Tomorrow is a week that I have not heard from Dr Kwong. I have some questions for him, so I'll be shooting him an email tomorrow. Any new news will be posted here.

Just like last year, it is very difficult to make any holiday plans. My dad has invited me over, but I hate the fact that it's so close to the day, and I still don't know if I can make it. Then if I can, I have to stay overnight because I cannot go to/from in one day, that's just too much for me. So I don't know if Reanna can come with us because of her work schedule. I really hate not knowing what's going on from day to day and leaving others hanging.

I'm so glad that people have started coming by the house. I must say that I cannot remember everyone, as my memory is really bad. But this weekend my sis Anna was here visiting with Felicia & Lenora, and then she came back with my Auntie Linda & Jade, and then again with Anthony! It has been really nice having her around. And they know the routine already. If they want something, get it themselves because I'm not getting it for them! As hospitable as I am... ha ha... it's too much for me to get everything. They have to do it themselves. And then today Ruby & Roxanna stopped by, and it was good to hang out with them too. I hung out with them last month, and got sick the next day. I hope that doesn't happen this time :) Luckily for them, my momma was here, so they didn't have to help themselves. She served them food & drinks, I love my momma! So if you wanna be served, instead of serving yourself, come when my mom is here.

I must say I do get a good amount of emails and messages. I try to respond to all of them, but it is rather difficult. I DO READ THEM ALL. Please be patient with me and keep contacting me. One day I will get back to you. And I also said this in an email to Frances today, and I'll post it here. If you call me, keep calling. Even if you leave a message, don't expect a call back. I rarely call anyone. It's not that I don't want to call anyone, but who do I call? I've got a big list and it's easier to get a hold of me by being persistent. Don't give up. I will answer one day.

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