Monday, November 3, 2008

A Little Late

I'm a little late in my posting. I dressed up for Halloween, and wanted to do a Halloween blog. But that didn't happen. I had some back pain most of the day, and as the night came it got worse. I was home alone handing out candy, and at the time my adrenaline kicked in and the pain subsided. Once the rain started and the trick - or - treaters dwindled away, the pain came back worse than ever. I called the advice nurse to get a prescription from my doctor, but they wouldn't do that. So my mom & Reanna rushed me to to the emergency room. I was in so much pain, and the wait was awful. I was in pain, sweaty, clammy and everything else you could think of and they were making me wait. Finally they called me in, and right after they did, I vomited. I was so glad I didn't do that in the waiting room. My sweatiness & clamminess went away, but the pain did not. The dr came to visit me and gave me some nausea medicine and then morphine. After that, they did a few x-rays, and of course there was nothing they could see. The dr came back again, and since the pain was not gone, he gave me a bit more morphine. Right in the middle of the dosage, I vomited again. I guess I needed more nausea medicine?

They prescribed me more pain pills, dilaudid, which is stronger than morphine. I took those upon arriving home. I took them for about 24 hours then went back to tylenol. The only thing is the nausea has barely gotten better. Today was the first time I ate something solid since Friday. And all weekend I could barely hold fluids down. I can't wait to eat regular food again. I would post my Halloween pic, but I'm lucky I'm even doing this right now. Maybe later I'll do that, and then a pic of my mom on Saturday as it was her birthday! I felt so bad because I was so sick. Sebastian picked up a cake & flowers for her on his way home from work. He is the best.


Raymond said...

Sorry Halloween sucked for you, I am sending pictures I took on halloween, don't worry I got sick too, but I think it was from eating too much candy!!!! please wish Teresa a belated happy bday for me, see you for thanksgiving.

love Ray

Anonymous said...

Sorry your feeling so bad. I went with Tina and Tai to Pendelton for Halloween. She had so much fun and way to much candy. She would not go to the scary houses,she would say lets go to that house and point across the st. So we complied and as a result kept having to avoid any house that she thought was scary. We did a lot of walking,lol! It was so nice though they have such beautiful house's there. Me and Tina wished we lived there. Well it's good to dream.Jerry has been sick too, and hasn't eatten since friday. I think he has the flu bug. Hope you feel better soon. James shares your mom's b'day,hope her's was a good one. Tell her hi for me. Love you and thinking of you often, Maria