Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Latest Appointment

I had my latest appointment with Dr Kwong on Thursday. Everything seems to be going along as usual. He is in contact with the LA clinic making sure I get the right scans that I need. The scans have not been ordered, but I know they are contacting each other to make sure I get the right ones done. Once I do the scans (PET, CT & MRI's) I'll be going down to LA. It's just the time it takes getting scheduled to do the scans. Hopefully I can get in there right away.

Dr Kwong did prescribe me more pain pills, this time he gave me Oxycontin too, as well as the Percocet he's already been giving me. They have been helping a lot. I'm just afraid I'll get addicted to those! The only thing that has really worsened is the pain in my left shoulder. It is so bad that I can no longer lie on my left side, or put any weight on it. I cannot even hold a glass of water in my left hand. And as I washed my face today, I could not reach my forehead with my left arm, I had to use my right hand to wash the upper part of my face.Dr Kwong had it X-rayed, but no word yet. I'm thinking it's cancer related. And typing, not fun. Hence my lack of posting. I really want to blog more, but it's not so easy anymore. I might have to start having someone do this for me. But I'll do it for as long as I can.

I have not got back to any emails, I will as I can. Please bear with me :)

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Anonymous said...

Just writing to let you know your always on my mind. I hope the medicine is giving you relief from the pain. Keep us posted as to how your doing. I don't want to disturb your rest as I can see that you have not been feeling well for some time now. We love you and miss you. Maria