Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day. Mine was good. Yesterday Sebastian went back to work, and I was shocked at how good my day went. In the morning I had a visitor or two, and then a social worker from Kaiser came by to meet with the family and make sure that everything is going on track for the family, physically, emotionally, etc. I think they are really helping out alot. Then I had a another visitor or so and then my nurse. So it really was a nice quiet day and I was really glad. Then all of a sudden, 5pm come along and I'm not feeling good at all. I'm in extreme pain and it won't stop. Sebastian came home and gave me some more pain meds, but those took a while to kick in. By bedtime I was good. Then I woke up this morning to get a nice gift from my beautiful daughter Reanna :) I felt so bad, this was the first year ever I did not get her a valentine gift. I don't know how I forgot to ask someone here to do that for me. I'm starting to believe what others are telling me of how good a job I did. I still have some doubts, who wouldn't, but things like this make me believe she will be o.k. Today I had a visitor or two also, and at one point I was reading a card that my cousin Tina gave me, and it was a big blur. I was getting scared and then starting looking at both Tina and her husband Josh and they were both getting blurry. That had never happened so we called the nurse and she came by the house about an hour later. She spoke with the dr and they are not sure what the problem is yet, but if it happens again to call, that it is normal for those who have brain metastasis and they will give me a medication to help it. Hopefully that is all the bad that happens to me tonight and I hope I have a nice peaceful sleep!


Patton's With Passion said...

How sweet to get a Valentine gift from your daughter!

We took the boys to hockey practice in the morning, then I planned a nice romantic family dinner. About 30 minutes before it was ready, Bryan came down with the flu. He went to bed at 6pm!

I had Brayden keep me company and we watched a PG chic flick. Bryan didn't get back up from bed until we returned from yet another hockey practice this afternoon. He's feeling better today.

Thinking of you....

TEAM HOGAN said...


What pain meds are you on? Brian was on diluadid (sp?) and for his brain mets he was taking a steroid called dexamethazone or decadron.

If you have any Q's about these meds, please ask. Or I am sure you have a nurse to help with that.

Hope you feel better. Thinking about you all the time!

Anna Hogan