Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm On Vacation

Yeah, right. Got ya looking though, didn't I? Last night Sebastian went and took his test, then right when we got home we left. Kinda felt like a vacation. My husband is the greatest husband there is. But when it comes to vacation, watch out. Something gets into him and he is just awful. The slightest thing will upset him. So of course last night after he got upset, I told him to just stay behind, we'll be fine without him. Then he's begging me to let him go, and instantly changes for the better. Ten seconds later the dogs got out of the house, and there he goes again :) I just love him.... We got out of there in one piece, and made it to Riverside early in the morning. I had to go get my blood work done, then we went to breakfast. After breakfast, I went to admit. I met a few nurses, Robin, and the finally Dr Gailani. He was very straight-forward. No sugar coating. I even learned a little bit from him. Previously I knew Interferon treatments helped the survival increase rate by 10%. But his explanation was it gave me a few months more before it would come back. ???? Why did I waste a few months doing Interferon when that's about all the time that it gave me? Anyway, I'll leave that question for another day.

I go back to the hospital in about 1/2 hour to be admitted. After that I'll have no cell and no computer. What a bummer. So you won't be hearing from me probably until after I get home -sometime next week. I'd love to write more about my appt w/Dr Gailani, but I don't have the time. Oh yeah, according to the charts in his office I have Stage IV, M1c. The worst type of melanoma. I didn't know that Stage IV had different levels, I've never seen that before.

Have a great weekend all, hopefully better than I will.


Maribel said...

what a coincidence...Roxanna just told me you were in LA and 2 seconds later I get my Bloglines feed of your post.

Anyway, hope all goes well, can't wait to hear (red here) about your treatment and stuff.


Linda 1 said...

Just want you to know that the Latina Y Amigas are thinking of you and hoping your "Vacation" goes as well as possible.. Cant wait to get you back with us on Thursday Nights..


Anonymous said...

Hello again..I did want another minute to go by without letting you
know how much we love you. The "Cortez" family said there prays are with you and your family. Austin said "Linda Pinda" is superwomen and she will be home soon. You are such a inspiration and you continue to teach all of lessons everyday. This is life changing for all of us. We know our prayers are being answered. I just hung up with you and even when your tired you still have a caring hart to let us know your doing well. I put some love notes in your's on pink paper. I can't wait for you to get home so I can watch Oprah and cry for other people and not ourselves. I can't wait to ask you what time Reanna will be home just like I did when you were younger. Tell Sabation me and Lorie did not give "Tweenkie" water after 8pm.
Reanna is so funny she woke me up
and said Auntie Anna we have 7min to leave. So I had to leave without my We are all here when you
get back to get on your nervers and make you laugh.
Tell Dad it was too hot to golf this week and he missed the heat wave..Love you more Anna
p.s Felicia said when she gets her
phone back she will call you lol..
She sends all of her love.
You know we would all like to be with you but we understand you need this time to get well. We love you Linda xoxoxox
Tell your cousin "Thema" is still waiting for the surprise exit.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
Hurry home so I can come over again and visit with you. I hope all is going well. Your in my thoughts & prayers. Love you Selina

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda, I hope to talk to you when you get home. Hope everything goes smooth (as can be). Love Christine A.