Sunday, July 20, 2008

I've Been Too Tired To Post

Hi Everyone. I know people have been waiting for an update, but it has been a long and rigorous ride. I went to Dr. Gailani's office and had one week of treatment. Little did I know, that was the vacation. I guess the jokes on me. Coming home has been rough. Luckily for me, I've got a great support system and would not know what I would have done without it. Dr. Gailani has a great staff. Everyone there was so kind and nice, kinda like being at Disneyland. I did my treatments, and my dad and Sebastian were there with me all the time. As I remember, I'll write more about them, but right now it's a bit foggy. I was even lucky enough to have my cousin Chrissy (aka Louise) come and visit me on Saturday. I think the final day was Tuesday, but we actually came home on Wednesday, as to not have to deal with LA traffic. The ride home was perfect, but everything after that was bad. I could not (and I'm still having problems, even on Sunday) hold any food down. Not even liquids. Finally yesterday Lori & my dad took me to the ER to get an IV because it was so bad. And the dr was so cute, I kept thinking, is he married? But I couldn't bring up the nerve to ask him, I could barely tell him my problems. I wasn't thinking for me, of course not! I love my husband. But for my friend Lori. Lori, I forgot to tell you, that dr was cute, I should have been more bold and asked him for you. Next time. (I have his name on my pills you got for me, if you want to google him!!!).
I have not had time to read everyone's postings or emails, but will get to it as I get energy. This is as much as I can do today, but you can count on me. I'll be back before you know it!

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Anonymous said...

Hi,I talked to dad and told he told me they forgot to give you the anti nausea meds. Kinda mad about that,what were they thinking!!He said since you went to the e.r. your feeling a little better. I so wish I was with you. I want to call, and at the same time, I know you need your rest. You are in all our thoughts and prayers. Hang in there Bozo, a lot of people are pulling for you. All my love, Maria