Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Party's Over

Yep. My pity party is over. I really hate to be a downer, but that was just bugging to get out of me.

I keep looking at our beautiful boxer Twinkie. I love her so much. She is really getting up there in age, sometimes can't hold her food in very well, much like me! But she is so graceful. I have this feeling that she is in so much pain. But she humbly accepts it like a lady. Me, I'm far from that. When I'm in pain, everyone knows. I think even my neighbors can hear me yelling & moaning. I'm not as graceful as Twinkie. I hate to say we may have to put her down soon. She has been with Sebastian longer than I have. We are all having a hard time dealing with this. We are taking her to the vet next week to get her checked out. I hope she is o.k. I'll post a pic of her as soon as I can. She looks mean, but she is the sweetest dog. When you come to our house, she is very protective and stands at the door like it's her house, and she wants to know who you are before you enter. Once you're in, she's the happiest dog ever, turning in circles as if you are there to visit her. If you're eating, she'll put her cute mug in your lap, and she'll look up at you showing you the whites of her eyes. If you touch her, she won't leave. She'll stay there and expect you to pet her. She does not leave, even if we yell at her. She definitely runs our house. We love you Twinkie.

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Ellen said...

Linda, I have been reading some of your journey through Miss Melanoma's site. I check in on you and today I had to write. I am a fellow warrior, dx 6/24/04, did 1 yr of interferon and was stage IIIc. I have been back at work since 1/06 and just had a biopsy today, with 2 more on Monday. It just keeps coming. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I lost my dog, Casey, to cancer (of course, right?!). He was 13. He was going to help me through the chemo, but on my return home, the second day, he was very sick. It took about 2 weeks of biopsy and waiting for results, but just when I thought he was going to help me through my battle with death, I had to help him. It was so very strange. But my memories of him, the kindness of the doctors and friends and family, helped me realize that dog or man, we are all cherished. I know that Casey is rooting for me to stay healthy and I know that Twinkie will want you to do what is best, for both of you. Peace comes in many forms. May your future with Twinkie be peaceful and memorable. Best of today and hopes for tomorrow, Ellen