Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Brain Scan OK

My brain scan last week was o.k. Everything was fine. My dr was just being cautious.

Unfortunately my sister went home yesterday, I was sad to see her leave. I'm so bummed because I cannot find the battery charger for my camera. So I took no pictures :( I'll have to take tons when I go out to visit her now!

Right when I think I'm good, I'm not. I've been feeling really well this past weekend, and did just a little bit each day. Well yesterday I got knocked back down again. It was bad. I'm barely recovering from that. I don't know how come it happens? I wanted to see a few people this week, but I'm gonna pass because I need to get better. Hopefully next week I'll be able to see one or two friends I've been wanting to hang out with.

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Ellen said...

I have been thinking about you. I am a fellow melanoma warrior and I too had a brain scan last week, with an all clear. But I got a call on Tuesday with a message that another test is showing spread after 2.5 years. I am thinking of you because I check Miss Melanoma and look you and several others up, to check in on how you are doing. I wish I could offer you some solace. I want you to know that out there in the cyber world, I am thinking of you, a stranger only in physical distance. I don't know you, but I wage the same war. I pray for your family and your daily peace. I am across the country, but here, with you in spirit. Please rest a little easier knowing there are others out there who wish you well. Be well Linda, Ellen in NC