Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Several have asked the severity of Stage IV. I have read a lot about melanoma in the past year, so I'm pretty familar with the stages, but obviously not everyone has to read about it! There are only 4 stages to cancer, there is no Stage 5. For skin cancer, Stage IV is when it spreads to the internal organs. Since last year I have been Stage IIIC. I have been praying that it does not go to Stage IV, and unfortunately it has. To read more about staging, you can go here:

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Wendy LeGate said...

Im going to push the envelope here and hope that I dont cross the line in any way.
There is a Dr. Jeffery Stern in Los Gatos Womans Center, he is in the book. The gentleman is a leading proponant of fighting and beating cancer in all its stages. He takes on the holistic nutritional as well as the medication parts of treatment and quite reguarly finds ways to stop the cancer from doing more damage and helping your body fight and heal itself. I know 2 people personally he has treated who had been to doctor after doctor with no hope and this doctor made the differance. The opinions pretty much concur that it is his combonation of holistic and nutrition that plays the largest role in his success, knowing what the body needs to fight certian things and detoxifying the body and feeding it the things it can use to its advantage while supplimenting and treating with drugs that dont do more harm than good. For instance if your liver is affected ( I did a little checking around) you want to eat lots of dark leafy things like spinich, chard, etc... you want to stay away from bell peppers or peppers of any sort for that matter as well as sugar.... sugar is a no no no limit your amount of apples and pears as well as they are high in fructose. I can put you in touch with some people who might be very helpful if you would like. I cant encourage you enough to jump into finding out the best way to support your body and help it help itself the sooner the better.