Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stage IV

So Sebastian & I went to see Dr. Fisch today. The cancer has spread to another lymph node which is much deeper than the original lymph nodes that were removed. It has also spread to my liver. I am now considered Stage IV melanoma. I was sad & crying when he told me, and I knew in the back of my head it was stage IV, but I just had to clarify. So I asked him, and as soon as he said "Yes" I lost it. I could no longer hold it in. Sebastian was there with me and he was also visibly upset. Right when we got out of the building I let out one big wail. Then contained myself again. I'm sad.


Wendy LeGate said...


You are in my thoughts and prayers.
I am hoping that surgery is an option for the lymph nodes that are deeper and a treatment for the cancer on your liver. Dont forget there are alternitive treatments that are outside the "normal" treatments that have proven to have very good and positive results. When you are feeling up to it give me a call I would like to recommend someone to you that I think could be a help in this situation we could talk about it when you feel up to it, until then just know I am concerned for you.

Your "Outside" Friend,


joanne said...

There are no words that can comfort you at this time in your life. But, know that there are many people that love and care about you. I pray that god comforts you during this time. God Bless.
Love, Joanne

Anonymous said...

Nothing could ever prepare me for the shock I received upon reading this. You are the most special sister I could ever ask for and I trully mean that with every fiber of my being. I find it so hard to believe that you look up to me as I am the one who looks up to you!I share your good fortune and joys with any and everyone I can. I am so proud to call you my sister.I am now sharing the story of you fight to survive this chapter in your life and pray that I am forever worthy of your love as you are so very worthy of mine, always and forever your greatest admirer, Maria