Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Overwhelming Responses

I have had an overwhelming amount of emails from friends and family. I don't have time to personally respond to everyone, but I will as time goes by. Right now work is hectic also. I should be part time, but with tons of stuff going on there, I'm putting in 8 hour days and it's not what I had planned. Well, since you put it that way, my life right now is not what I had planned. But whose is? Last year did you ever think that you would have a friend or family member with Stage IV cancer? I know that was the furthest thing from my mind. But now that is reality. Last year I knew nothing about cancer. I knew no one with cancer. And a year later, I know more about cancer than I ever wanted to know. I have learned a about myself also. I am stronger than I imagined I could be. I'm also weaker than I thought. I love more than I thought I could. I work harder than I ever had before. And I forget more. My short term memory is worse than it has ever been. I don't know if its stress, cancer, or mom-nesia. But whatever it is, I hate it. I have to ask 3x, and I still forget the answer! I am also not the only one I know now with cancer. My dad has prostate cancer, as does Linda1's dad, and even my neighbor Carl. Vanessa has brain cancer. I don't normally talk to Vanessa, but it was nice to see her at Reanna's graduation party. I didn't post pics because of course my camera battery was dead. What a good mother I am! Back to Vanessa. She is such an inspiration. I think I have had a hard time, but she has endured so much more than I have. She has been doing chemo for almost a year. She also has gone through radiation. It was good talking to her because we have a lot of the same symptoms, and some we didn't realize were treatment/cancer related. I think of her often. I hope that she is doing good and pray for her daily.

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Maribel said...

Thank your for thinking of Vanessa...I'll tell her she got an honorable mention on your blog.