Thursday, June 26, 2008

MRI & Lab Work Done

I sent Dr Kwong an email this morning because I really wanted to do my lab work @ Stanford, and my MRI was scheduled for today. He never got a message that he was to order my lab work, so of course he didn't do it. Well, he made it so I can just do it at Kaiser, and they sent it over. It should be on it's way there! I did it right after my MRI. It wasn't bad at all, just a lot louder than the PET scan! Luckier it was a lot faster too. My appt was scheduled for 5:45, but I was out of there by 5:45. Then to come home and get a message that Kaiser forgot to do some blood work! So now I gotta go back. I'm so busy, I don't even have time for that. But I guess I'm gonna have to get up extra early tomorrow and go before work... which is really early. I can't complain, Kaiser has been really good to me. When I find out the results of everything, I'll post here.

After my appointment I went to Linda1's house and hung out with Latina's y Amigas... a group of Latinas (plus Chris, hence the name) that hang out on Thursday nights. Linda1 invited me a while ago and I have been going and having a great time. The women are all so so nice and supportive. Plus it's just nice to get out and have a good time, good drinks, with good food, good drinks and good people. Did I mention drinks? JK. Guess that since I shouldn't be drinking because of my liver, it makes me want to drink, but obviously I don't. I just love the women and the conversations, friendships and everything else. So thanks to all of them: Linda1, Margie, Helen (there are 2 Helen's also, but I don't think we've named them Helen1 & Helen2 yet, have we?) Lucy, Chris, Natalie, Maryann & Carolyn. There are a few others, but I don't remember? Please forgive me and refer to my post mentioning memory loss! HA HA.. got out of that one.

Here's a picture Reanna took a few days ago. We were driving down the street and I saw something on my window out of the corner of my eye. I thought it was bird droppings, then I looked closer and saw it was a yellow jacket. I was going around 45 mph and it was still there, hanging on for dear life. I told Reanna to take a picture with my camera, so she did (and a mighty fine pic that is, in motion and all). Sony. Back to my point - As I thought of the yellow jacket clinging on to my window for life, I thought of the analogy I had to it. That's how I feel, like I'm clinging onto the world for my life. I'm not ready to leave.

Oh yeah, my sis Maria is always asking for a pic of my Mercedes, here's a pic of the drivers door window, interior view, you like? ha ha ha Maybe one day I'll take a picture and post it here for you, ok big sis!


Anonymous said...

HA, HA!!! NOOOO! Not funny!I do however, like the analogy.I feel the same. Life if so precious and I often take it for granted . I have you to thank for showing me the beauty of the simple pleasures I had been ignoring. So ,thank you!! I pledge to stop and focus more often on everyday joys that go unappreciated so often. I will pay attention to the good and let God do the rest.Love you TONS and TONS. your big sis, Maria P.S. your not going anywhere I won't let you,because your my sister and I need you. Keep the faith xoxoxox

Maribel said...

I like your analogy. Made me think of the song Wild Horses (originally by the Rolling Stones, but was a remake by The Pixies in the 80's, I think)...anyway, the song says "Wild Horses couldn't drag me away...."