Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sergeant Testing

Last year there was a posting for a Sergeant position at Sebastians work. I told him about it before they even announced it at work. I told him to put in his application, which he did. He has been a Corrections Officer (CO) for about 6+ years now. He has done his time. I really want for him to go to the next step and be a Sergeant. He has talked about this for a while, and always said he wanted to do his time at both facilities before he puts in his application. Well, the time came and he put it in. Just yesterday he got a letter that the testing is on July 9th. That is two Wednesday's from today. I'm hoping to be in Riverside around that time. He has decided to come to Riverside with my dad & I. But now this totally conflicts. So now I need to talk to him to make sure he is here to take the test. He does not care about it now. But I do. So if you see him or talk to him, make sure you tell him how important this is. I don't care if he just flies home to take the test then flies back to Riverside to be with me. It would be so worth it. Please Sebastian, take the test.

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