Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Emiliano

On Saturday there was a surprise birthday party for my cousin Emiliano. Rachel (his girlfriend) sent me a message a few months ago to let me know. I had always intended on going, but since last week was not so good I was thinking I was gonna skip it. After I thought about it, I really needed to get out and have some fun. So that I did. Lori called me right as I was gonna get ready, so I told her to come along and bring Bernie too. So we all went and had a good time. I hadn't seen Emiliano since Thanksgiving, so it was nice to get to see him again. Here's a pic of him, me, Bernie & Lori. Oh yeah, and his friends in the back who wanted to be in the pic! I know there were some pics taken of me & Rachel, but I guess they weren't on my camera.. lol.. So Rachel if you read this, send them to me. Happy Birthday cuz, I luv U.

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emiliano said...

hi cuzzin! i was so happy to see you at my birthday it was a fresh relief to have some family there and i know that you have been feeling not as energetic due to your treatment so im really glad you made it a point to come i jus want you to know that your in my thought all the time and im prayin for a speedy recovery i would so like to spend more time with you in the future cuz take care i love you!